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4 Ways that Today’s Retailers Use Personalization to Drive Loyalty

By August 26, 2019 No Comments

The writing is on the wall: personalization is key for driving loyalty with today’s consumers. In fact, in a recent Salesforce study, 84% of customers said being treated like a person—not a number—was very important to winning their business.

In our own survey of 500 U.S. retailers, results indicated that personalization was at the top of everyone’s list of priorities (free download: 2019 Retail Marketing Trends).

So what are the best ways for CMOs to tap into this powerful technology and which strategies do they plan to employ?

The most popular ones were the following, in order of importance:

· dynamic audience segmentation (35%)
· behavior-based shopping recommendations (30%
· audience-level product recommendations (28%)
· contact-level recommendations (25%)

There are key differences between each of these four strategies, and our free white paper, 2019 Retail Marketing Trends, explains them in further detail.

Our recent webinar with Shar VanBoskirk, Principal Analyst and VP at Forrester, also discusses the survey findings.

We invite you to share in what we’ve learned by taking a look at both!

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